Individual Pickleball Training

Individual Pickleball Training Plan

FIT Sports Club, z.s. offers individual pickleball training for players who want to improve their skills and strategies. Our experienced coaches design personalized training plans for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced.


The main objectives of individual pickleball training are:

  • Improve technique and form
  • Develop better footwork and agility
  • Enhance shot selection and court positioning
  • Increase consistency and accuracy
  • Boost physical and mental endurance
  • Learn new strategies and tactics
  • Build confidence and enjoyment of the game

Training Plan


The first step in our individual pickleball training program is to assess the player’s current level of skill and identify areas that need improvement. Our coaches use a variety of techniques, including video analysis and on-court observation, to evaluate the player’s technique, footwork, shot selection, and game strategy.

Goal Setting

Based on the assessment, our coaches work with the player to set specific goals for the training program. Goals may include improving a particular shot, increasing consistency, or developing a new strategy. Each goal is broken down into smaller, achievable steps that the player can work on during training sessions.

Skill Development

Training sessions focus on developing specific skills and techniques that will help the player reach their goals. Our coaches use a variety of drills and exercises to challenge the player and reinforce new skills. Emphasis is placed on proper technique, footwork, and shot selection.

Strategy and Tactics

Our coaches work with the player to develop a better understanding of the game of pickleball and to develop effective strategies and tactics. Players learn how to read their opponents, anticipate shots, and position themselves on the court for maximum effectiveness.

Fitness and Conditioning

Pickleball is a physically demanding sport, requiring good endurance and agility. Our coaches incorporate fitness and conditioning exercises into training sessions to improve the player’s overall physical performance.

Progress Tracking

Throughout the training program, our coaches track the player’s progress toward their goals. Regular assessments and feedback sessions are used to evaluate the player’s performance and adjust the training plan as necessary.


Individual pickleball training with FIT Sports Club, z.s. is an effective way to improve your skills and strategies on the court. Our experienced coaches design personalized training plans to help players of all levels achieve their goals and enjoy the game to the fullest. Contact us today to book your first training session!